Conditions d'utilisation

Custom items processing times 6-8 weeks

Non custom items processing times up to 4 weeks

Any form of abuse or foul language used in messaging will not be tolerated.  WE ARE NOT AMAZON therefore please do not treat small businesses like we are. 

We are human beings and like myself can be seen daily, live streaming on Twitch which I can be spoken directly too as a human being and not a a piece of text on a screen or phone.

Any attempts to defame or libel the business publicly will breach GPDR data  protection laws and will be will be dealt with through the correct channels as deemed fit by case at hand.

Your Items can take from 6-8 weeks to be made or received therefore please be patient and please dont pester for updates as you will be one of many messages we receive.  Tracking is available.  If scanning has been stopped by the courier then its out of hands until it reaches next check point.  Your items are not officially lost until no scan has taken place for 10 days.  It is then a claim can be made until then we cant do anything legally.

What is Decoupage?
The definition of Decoupage is as follows: the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs.

My shoes don’t look the same as in the picture?
With all of my designs they are handmade and as a result; shoe shape, heel height etc all change the design chosen.

Can you make this shoe in a week as I need it for an event?
I am as flexible as possible with my shoes and designs, however I cannot complete an order at such short notice. This is because some designs can take several days to produce due to drying times. If you have an event or occasion in mind please message me before checkout so that I can advise whether I can meet this deadline. Please bear this in mind when ordering and order in PLENTY of time. I would rather turn away an order than compromise on quality to save time. I want to guarantee your item arrives as it should.

Can you get other colours/pictures?
Yes I can, I am always more than happy to try and source a specific colour or image to match your design. As stated in my item descriptions, please contact me and I will see what I can do. Please also consider your screen resolution may impact the colours shown

Are the shoes durable?

First and Foremost – shoes are designed to be worn. My shoes are protected with a range of sealants to ensure they are long lasting. I also ensure that my designs are made to avoid creases and tearing and ensure a long life cycle. As these are custom craft shoes I still must stress that they should be handled with EXTRA care.

My Decoupage shoes are decorated in 2 layers of high quality book paper and then sealed with waterproofing sealants therefore please be advised to be cautious and still avoid water just in case. Creases and wrinkles will occur naturally due to wear and tear just like faux synthetic leather. Shoes have a gloss finish to them.

Can I wear the shoes in rain?
The shoes are sealed with a range of sealants to make them as water resistant as possible (British weather this will always be a factor). I have protected the shoe with an expensive waterproof sealant however I would advise to still be cautious with the good old British weather.

My item appears to have been ruined/damaged in the post?
Although this is a very rare occurrence I can appreciate that sometimes item are damaged in transit, please bear this in mind and inform me if this happens as I spend a lot of time ensuring the highest quality is maintained in the items I make, therefore when they leave my place of work they leave in perfect condition. I use both Royal Mail and Hermes Delivery and would need to know of any problems ASAP so I can raise the issue with the relevant courier. I am always happy to look at returns and repairs in these circumstances.